Company Profile

Since 2000, RePliForm, Inc. has been collaborating with our customers to tailor their projects achieve the desired end result. Our president and founder Dr. Sean Wise, Ph.D., has worked throughout the Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototype communities to help develop better processes and techniques to further the advance of the industry. He received Additive Manufacturing Users Group’s (AMUG) Distinguished Innovator Operator Award (DINO) in 2012. RePliForm consistently strives to improve our entire process to build an enhanced partnership with our customers.

The focus on 3d printed industry has led us to develop our procedures for different materials and build processes. Being able to apply our process to almost any material from any printer allows us to work with a wide range of part builders, from consumers to premium service bureaus. We team up with our customers help tailor a procedure well suited for the needs of their project. From Fashion to the Aerospace, RePliForm is ready to take on new challenges to advance the capabilities of the 3D printing industry.

RePliForm provides: