At RePliForm, we strive to keep up with the needs of the 3D Printing community in providing post processing solutions to enhance the strength, visualization and overall value of your project.

Metal Plating 3d Printed Plastics by RePliForm Inc.
Richard Dunlap with Repliform presents RePliKote, a new copper / nickel “armor coating”

We stay abreast with the current material developments in the industry, to be prepared to work on the newest technologies. Creating different methods and uses for the plating is also key to push the boundaries of our technology reach our customer’s needs. Let us use our experience to help guide you to the best end product possible.

The design and build phases are very critical to allow room for the additional plating as well as designing a structural that will be strong enough as an end product. Various materials will be affected by our process differently, so it is very important to let us know as to the exact resin type and machine you are planning to use to build the parts. RePliForm collaborates with our customers to do everything from offsetting of the surfaces to designing braces for parts to keep them from deforming. These are just a couple of examples, so please let us know what your needs are so we can help to ensure that the build will be appropriate for the plating process.

RePliForm uses an electrolytic and some electroless plating process. The plating thickness will be dependent on which process is used. RePliForm uses both copper and nickel, we can customize the thicknesses between the two metals to achieve a certain goal.If a part is for EMI Shielding we will put more copper than nickel, and if the part needs to be stiff, we will put more nickel than copper on the part. If we know the end function of the part we will be happy to advise you as to the plating thickness along with the ratio between copper and nickel to achieve your goal. The 3D Printing field has so much untapped potential, let’s find it together!