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Our Mission

For over 20 years, RePliForm has been a pioneer in electroplating 3D Printed plastics as well as other non-conductive materials. We pride ourselves in learning how to adapt electroplating processes to a variety of materials and complex geometries. We live in the dynamic environment of additive manufacturing with the end goal to create a composite part able to expand the envelope of what is possible with a 3D Printed Plastic. 

People expect plating to give parts a better look and feel, but there are a multitude of beneficial properties it adds to parts.  The most unexpected feature is an increase in stiffness and strength in the part to improve overall durability.  We’re here to help you select a combination of base material and plating sequences that best suits your project.  Plating also adds UV protection, EMI shielding, RF properties, slows or possibly eliminates creep, increased wear & chemical resistance and adds an environmental barrier.  We have helped to take 3D Printed Plastics to unexpected places. 

In January of 2021, we obtained our ISO 9001 / AS9100D certification to even further serve our customers.  We view this not just as for Aerospace manufacturing though, but all manufacturing for those partners who need it. 

Meet the 

Team 👋

Sean Wise

President / Founder

Start Date: June 2000
Favorite Food:  Too numerous to mention
Hobbies: Photography , fabrication of personal keepsakes

Candis Wise

Vice President / Co-owner

Start Date: June 2000
Favorite Food: Taco Salad
Hobbies: Playing with Grandchildren, Taking care of her Shih Tzu’s, Knitting, walking

Brian Berger

Director of Sales & Marketing

Start Date: January 2018
Favorite Food:  Ribeye Steak
Hobbies: Baseball, softball, golf, and traveling

Mark Greenstein

Hazardous Waste Manager

Start Date: November 2020
Favorite Food:  Sushi
Hobbies: Golf, 3D printing, and smoking meat

Eric Smith

Electroplating Manager

Start Date: May 2019
Favorite Food:  Pickles, and sunflower seeds
Hobbies: Golf, softball, football cards, and grilling

Greg Smith

Production Manager

Start Date: January 2020
Favorite Food:  Buffalo Wings
Hobbies: Guitars and grilling

Donnie Beach

Anode Technician

Start Date: March 2020
Favorite Food:  Hamburgers
Hobbies: Music Production / Record Collecting

Joshua Spencer


Start Date: January 2021
Favorite Food:  Steak
Hobbies: Hiking / Gardening

Josh Ridgeway


Start Date: November 2021
Favorite Food:  Tacos
Hobbies: Cooking, softball, pool

Meet the 

K-9 Team 🐾

Holly Berger

Director of Security

Start Date: July 2018
Favorite Food:  Carrots
Hobbies: Walks and belly rubs

Jewel Wise

Queen Bee

Start Date: August 2005
Favorite Food:  Chicken 
Hobbies: Sleeping 

Lil Gem Wise


Start Date: August 2006
Favorite Food:Dog Food
Hobbies: Guarding the dog food

Princess Kneesa


Start Date: August 2006
Favorite Food:  Dog Food
Hobbies: Sleeping

Charley Wise

Sales & Barketing

Start Date: Feb 2016
Favorite Food:  Any!
Hobbies: Sleeping / Being lazy

Chrystal Wise

Office Manager

Start Date: April 2008
Favorite Food: Lettuce
Hobbies: Sprinting / Doggie Yoga

 Flip Flop

Lobby Guard

Start Date: April 2011
Favorite Food:  Everything!
Hobbies: Going outside