“Thank you so much for bronze plating my Rapid Artist’s piece for the SME conference and for delivering it on time. Your company did a great job of taking my piece and giving it some dignity and importance. I was amazed at the transformation!  Also the plating mostly hid the cut line where I had to hurriedly glue it together, so thank you for that too! Your company does beautiful work!”

-Patty deLarios

"The first piece was made with the exact same material and size but the weight of the piece bent the plastic anchor; not so much that it broke or could not sustain some stability laterally, but to the point where the non-anchored leg was touching the pole it was supposed to hover over. The idea was to have the piece stopped in mid motion, with the moment force caused by the person's center of gravity to be "forward", yet unsupported (with a gap between the forward leg and the pole), giving the piece the appearance of motion.

I decided to rapid prototype the piece because it provided the accuracy and strength I needed to make this work at this scale. I had wanted to make the piece hollow, but the PolyJet process requires solid pieces apparently. I needed to use PolyJet for the high quality finish.

The polished nickel worked out great."
-Lawrence Sheraton. www.thememoryofagoldfish.smugmug.com/