Project Description

~10% Scale Thrust Reverser Cascades
Purpose: Improve Stiffness & Strength


  • Very thin air foils ⇒ max flow

  • Cascade elements differ depending on location

  • Scaled airfoil shapes, 0.014-0.016” (0.35-0.4 mm) thick
    Part must be strong and durable enough for handling and sustain 4-5 psi (0.3 bar) differential across cascade in testing

  • 0.002” (50 μm) coating yields 25% metal volume so rapid increase in strength with applied coating

  • Airfoil wall thickness only 0.010-0.012” (0.25-0.3 mm) prior to coating


  • Printed and Plated Thrust Reverser Cascases

  • Overall, parts held to tolerance ±0.005”

  • Vane Thickness held to 0 to +0.003”

  • Tolerance and Quality suitable for reverser performance and loads testing
    “huge cost/cycle time reduction” over alternative fabrication method – EDM metal
    Nearly 90% savings on wind tunnel cascade models allowed testing of more designs